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The Granny & Dot's Difference

Why choose Granny & Dot's? The reasons are endless but here are a few of our favorites!


- Our staff is trained in Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) to ensure we can meet each child's unique, individual needs if they have some transitional or emotional distress.

- Our facility is state of the art, with each detail thoughtfully designed with your family in mind. We wanted to focus on the details from our bottle filler on the playground, to paint colors that were calming for kids, we even have a multipurpose room for events & indoor play.

- We have an on-site culinary chef & the majority of our meals are homemade & healthy.


- We provide on-site experiences and we bring in all types of public servants like firefighter, farmers, police officers, librarians, & other fun in person education

- The owners are active & often on-site. Their mentality is "if it doesn't work, fix it". Lets face it, childcare as whole has a bad wrap. It's time to change it. The owners also have experience as childcare center customers, owners, & as foster parents.

- Location, location, location! We are located in the heart of Owasso, just 2 miles from HWY 169 with quick access from Oologah, Collinsville, & Claremore.

- We have an outdoor gardening center.

- On-site extracurricular activates such as dance & more coming soon. (See link above)

- We are the only local center with a reggio style playground for natural play & learning.

- We have multiple outdoor playtimes each day & hands on curriculum based activities for STEM learning.

- We are family focused with many opportunities to connect including open houses, family appreciate events to name a few.

- If you are looking for full day private pre-school, we have you covered. We have an advanced curriculum to help prepare your child for Kindergarten.

Weekly Tuition Rates

Infant & Young 1's

Older 1's-2's

3's Early Preschool

4's & 5's Full Day Preschool

Before & After School 5-10yrs

Hodson Elementary Student Only

Full Time







Part Time






Part Time






$20/day extra when

school is not in session

Part time not offered for Infants. Child must be 1 year or older to be part time.

We also offer bi-weekly, bi-monthly (1st&15th), & monthly payment plans

DHS & Other Subsidy

We accept subsidy for DHS & some tribes. However most of our rooms currently have a waiting list.

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