Welcome to Granny & Dot's!

Granny & Dot's is Owasso's newest childcare facility. We are the owners, Aaron and Adrienne. We have two amazing children and have been foster parents to several beautiful children. We have both been full-time working parents since our oldest child was born and in that time have had several different childcare experiences, both good and bad. Through fostering we saw an additional need for quality childcare in Owasso, not only for children in more typical walks of life, but also for kids that might have come from hard places or have specials emotional needs. At Granny & Dot's all of our teachers are trauma trained in order to work with all types of children regardless of their background. We are dedicated to working with parents to meet the needs of children from all walks of life. Our mission statement is "Just like leaving your kids with family". Which brings us to the name Granny & Dot's. Granny & Dot represent both of our grandmothers. Aaron’s Grandmother, Mary Lee has always been known as Granny. Adrienne’s Grandmother was named Dorothy but everyone called her Dot. We felt that this name was perfect because as children, if we were not at home, we wanted to be at our grandma’s house. We want the children in our center to feel safe and cared for, every time they enter our facility, the same way that we felt when we were with our grandparents. We also want our parents to feel like we are partnering with them. We know that being a parent, of a young child, is one of the busiest season of life. Parents deserve to be heard, and supported when it comes to the care of their child. We are here to support your kids and to help support you in every way we can.

Private Preschool

If you are looking to give your child a head start in elementary school set them up for success & check out our Private Preschool option for ages 4-5 years. Our private preschool offers all of these things & so much more!

  • Smaller class sizes which means more 1:1 time for your child.

  • More in depth preparation for Elementary School including specials (Art, Music, Gross Motor Play and Library Time)

  • More social interaction with other children

  • Structured curriculum that is also flexible to meet each child's unique needs.

  • More support for you as a parent including parent teacher conferences, open houses, and family activities

Granny & Dot's Curriculum & Philosophy

At Granny & Dot's we use a blended approach of curriculum to facilitate the best possible outcome for all children. We use philosophies, teaching practices & strategies from Maria Montessori, Pockets of Preschool, STEM based, & Positive Guidance. We believe using a blended approach ensures that all children will develop and learn to their fullest potential. On top of this our center will never be full. We have been licensed for 150 children but we feel that 1 on 1 time is essential for the development of our children. Therefore we have committed to keeping our daily attendance numbers below what the state allows.