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Stress Free Extracurricular Activities

You love your kids & want to invest in them, but let's face it after a long day of work it can be very stressful to have to pick up the kids, run home, make dinner, & then jump right back in the car to get your kids to practice. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Why not let them practice at school? At Granny & Dot's we are partnering with local businesses to bring extracurricular activities to our building so they can learn & practice in a safe, worry free environment while you are at work. We even designed a multi-purpose room into our building with this in mind. After work you can have more time to spend with your whole family & get the R&R you need to get the job done the next day. Currently we are partnering with Owasso Dance Co. Tippi Toes, & Soccer Shots & we are working to bring on more partners in the near future!

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