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- Annual enrollment fee $120

- Curriculum fee of $50 are due on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, & October 1st. Curriculum fee includes all learning materials, on-site experiences, and any classroom parties. (IE: You will not see a party signup sheet on your child's classroom door)

- Enrollment fee and curriculum fee are both due at time of enrollment.

- 1st & 15th tuition is due on the Monday following the 1st or 15th, if due date falls on a weekend.

- If tuition due date falls on a holiday, payment will be due the first day we are open following the holiday.

- No credits are given for sick days or vacation.

- Tuition for full and parttime students is calculated on an annual basis and remains the same regardless of holidays, school breaks, or weather closures, or any other type of closure.

- Note for Before & After care: Full time care is available for school breaks at a rate of $20/day. Availability subject to census & staffing.

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